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Northeast Normal University (NENU) is a comprehensive normal university which is under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education. It is located in Changchun City of Jilin Province, the Spring City with enchanting landscape in the northern part of China. Changchun is both a summer resort and a wonderful land for skating and skiing in winter. You will be deeply impressed by the magnificent and plain landscape of the Changbai Mountains and the refreshing and charming scenery of Jingyuetan Park if you have the opportunity to come here.

Training outstanding teachers for middle schools is both the goal and the specialty of NENU. It is famous as the cradle of teachers. Serving the fundamental education has been formed as the distinctive characteristic for school-running in the long period of its development. In recent years, NENU has facilitated collaboration and innovation, established the model of Normal Universities-Local Government-Elementary & Secondary Schools(U-G-S) for cooperative education, and highlighted the students' development of practical ability, innovative spirit and sense of social responsibility, which lays a solid foundation for excellent teachers and prospective educators. 

Having been established for seven decades, NENU has achieved historical improvement in software and hardware education conditions through the tireless efforts made by generations of staff and students. NENU is one of the national 56 universities approved by the Ministry of Education of China to set up graduate schools. In a long-term practice, NENU has gradually had a batch of competitive disciplines and characteristic specialties that enjoy a high status in China's academic circles, and possessed a batch of national, provincial and ministerial laboratories and research centers as well as national training and research institutions. A lot of famous scholars and leading experts with outstanding academic achievements are dedicated to their research and work at NENU, which you can see from the overview of NENU and the introduction of each school. Architectures in the main campus look classically elegant with dignity transmitted by long history, while Jingyue Campus looks neat, spectacular and modernized. Each of the two campuses has its own characteristics and adds radiance and beauty to each other. The two campuses facilitate the students' living and learning with student apartments and canteens, as well as such cultural and sports facilities as the Museum of Natural History, Comprehensive Gymnasium and Northeast Folk Museum. With a total construction area of 38,300 square meters, the NENU Library provides cross-campus service with a collection of more than 3.8 million volumes of books (excluding E-books),320 thousand volumes of Chinese ancient books, and over 110 different databases, which makes it one of the well-stocked, highly modernized large libraries among the university libraries in China. I believe that NENU is an ideal university for numerous students. 

NENU has trained more than 300,000 graduates since its establishment in 1946. Some of them are important representatives of the May 4th New Culture Movement (1919) who sounded the prelude to a new era; some are academic masters who initiated new disciplines; some are such celebrities as educators, scientists, writers, artists, and famous experts and scholars who enjoy high prestige; and some are the pillars of the state's construction and development. They have gained great achievements in their posts. On behalf of NENU and all the teachers here, I’d like to extend my respects to all our alumni!

Welcome students to register for Northeast Normal University!

Welcome talents from all fields to NENU for further study or education work!

Welcome alumni and people from all sectors of society to give NENU attention and support as always!

President Liu Yichun

October 1st, 2018

Source: University Office    Update: 2018-10-25