Under the guidance of the concept of “respected education” in recent years, NENU has based its development on education and teaching, and explored and reformed the talents training mode in accordance with its goal positioning of talents training. In 2003, NENU began its education and teaching reform and embarked on a new round of undergraduate teaching reform in line with the talents training objective of “easy access, solid foundation, professional skills and more employment”. In 2005, NENU successfully passed the assessment of undergraduate teaching performance by the Ministry of Education and gained an excellent result. In 2007, to implement the national policy of free normal education, NENU adopted the talents training mode of “3+0.5+0.5+2” which integrated undergraduate study with postgraduate study and launched the “Educator Training Project”. In 2008, supported by the Project “Innovation Platform for Advantageous Discipline”of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance, NENU started the Project “Innovation Platform for Teacher Education” to achieve the higher goal of the “cradle of educators”. To improve the quality and deepen the reform of teachereducation, NENU initiated and implemented the cooperative model of “Normal Universities-Local Government-Elementary & Secondary Schools” (U-G-S) for cooperative education, which forms the teacher education and talents training pattern highly integrating theories with practices. By 2014, 7 doctoral dissertations from NENU were rated as National Excellent Doctoral Dissertations (NEDD), and another 17 doctoral dissertations werenominated for NEDD.

Source: University Office    Update: 2015-05-25