Northeast Normal University (NENU), as a research-oriented and comprehensive normal university, has 11 kinds of disciplines and 39 level-1 disciplines covering philosophy, economics, laws, education, literature, history, sciences, engineering, agriculture, management and arts. Up to now, there are 22 level-1 disciplines offering doctoral degrees, and 2 level-2 disciplines offering doctoral degrees (excluding level-1 disciplines of doctoral degrees); 38 level-1 disciplines offering master's degrees, as well as professional doctoral degree of education and 22 professional master degrees. 

At present, NENU has 8 top key level-1 disciplines of Jilin Provincial higher education—Marxist theory, education, world history, chemistry, biology, ecology, statistics, materials science and engineering; and 32 advantageous and distinctive key disciplines given priority for construction in Jilin Province. In terms of ESI disciplines ranking, NENU's chemistry, materials science, engineering and mathematics have greater international academic influence. In the domestic discipline evaluation, NENU's world history, Marxist theory, statistics, education, biology, ecology, foreign language and literature rank top among the same disciplines at national level.

Source: University Office    Update: 2018-10-25