Northeast Normal University (NENU), under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education, remains committed to serving basic education as well as economic and social development, and takes education and teaching as its major duty.

In recent years, NENU implemented the educating strategies for undergraduates training objectives, insisted on leading and helping the students to become visionary, competent and responsible autonomous learners. NENU offers 78 undergraduate majors and 11 disciplines, covering sciences, engineering, literature, history, philosophy, economics, management, laws, education and arts, etc. to form a comprehensive disciplines pattern, which consists of 2 undergraduate departments and 21 schools. The model of “Normal Universities-Local Government-Elementary & Secondary Schools” (U-G-S) has been further developed into a model for “serving basic education” with typical characteristics since 2007.

Undergraduate Programs

Source: Academic Affairs    Update: 2016-05-18