Scientific research strengthens the university, and great successes have  been achieved. NENU regards scientific research as the foundation of  strengthening school, forming such superior representative disciplines  as Education, History, Ideological and Political Education, Biology,  Ecology and Chemistry. In recent years, the four disciplines, including  Chemistry, Materials Science, Engineering, and Plant and Animal Science,  have been listed in the top 1% of the ESI global ranking, and NENU has  ranked fourth of the ESI total cited articles among national colleges  and universities. There is one national engineering laboratory and six  ministerial-level key laboratories for drug gene and protein screening.  And there are two key research bases for Humanities and Social Sciences  of the Ministry of Education, i.e. The Research Center of World  Civilization History and The Institute of Rural Education. Professor Bai  Zhidong, Professor Wang Enbo and Professor Liu Yichun were awarded the  second prize of the National Natural Science in 2012, 2014 and 2015.  Professor Lin Zhichun and Professor Han Dongyu were awarded the first  prize of the Seventh Outstanding Social Science Achievement Award in  2015. The comprehensive strength of NENU's disciplines ranked World Top  500 in 2016. Six disciplines of NENU, Marxism, world history,  mathematics, chemistry, statistics, materials science and engineering,  have been selected into the "Double First-rate" construction disciplines  in 2017.

Source: University Office    Update: 2018-10-25